Ford Trucks – 5 of the Best Headlights!

We love our Ford F-150 trucks so we decided to let you know about the top five headlights for your truck. What’s better is all our five selected headlights pretty much come with a guaranteed warranty too. All the headlights we’ve chosen as the best require little to no modifications. This makes it easy to install these beauties and cruise around in style – the Ford way!

#1 Spyder Auto Ford F-150 Black Halogen LED Projector Headlights

These headlights have a cutting-edge design. The high quality LED projector headlights made to enhance visibility which is the perfect solution for all adverse weather conditions on the road.

#2 Anzo USA Ford F-150 Projector with Halo LED Black Headlights

What better pair of headlights for your Ford truck than these which are ‘Department of Transportation’ compliant according to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Anzo USA has provided these attractive headlights with a one-year warranty.

These headlights are computer designed using C.A.D tech which includes making the lights weather-resistant. The CCFL tech was used to give more brightness, efficiency, reduced power usage, and an extended life.

#3 Spec-D Dual Halo LED Projector Headlights

Considered a rather economical buy for any Ford truck, these headlights are easy to fit and adjust. Available as a pair with black housing coupled with dual Halo LED projector lights. The set uses H1 low and high beam bulbs.

#4 Morimoto 2018+ Ford F-150 XB LED Headlights

The XB LED headlights are available for all 2018 Ford trucks and the newer models to come. With a five-year warranty, weather resistance, and Plug-and-Play harness wiring, what’s not to love with these lights? Using UV-resistant lens material, you are guaranteed an exemplifying wide and intense distribution of light.

#5 Osram Ford F-150 OEM LED Headlights

Compatible with all 2018 Ford trucks and newer versions to come, these headlights have a two-year warranty. It has wide fluorescent beams using OEM Ford low and high LED ballasts.

These headlights are supplied by some of the best Ford components companies. Always willing to help you keep the Ford trend going!

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