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Affording You With All Information of the Auto Industry

What isn’t there to learn about advancing technology of the motoring world?

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Vehicle Safety First - We Think So!

The newest cars of 2018 have the most amazing safety features.

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Modernize Your Ford F-150 With Sensational Headlights

Your Ford F-150 truck can definitely do with a headlights upgrade without breaking the bank account.

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A Tribute To The Brilliant Car and Engine Engineer!

The German engineer, Karl Benz, who revolutionized the automotive industry over 130 years ago!

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Everything Automotive | Four Strokes Only provides the absolute best in reviews of car components used for Ford trucks, the cars of 2018 which have the most desirable safety-rated features. We also impart knowledgeable in-depth information which we aim to keep all and any car enthusiast up to speed.

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A German Automobile Engineer – Creator of the World’s First Car

Alone and behold, we introduce to you the German car and engine engineer, Karl Friedrich Benz. He was born in 1844 in Mülberg, West of Karlsruhe. When the time came to apply for studies at a university, he decided to study at the University of Karlsruhe. Initially pursuing locksmith studies, later he decided to study locomotive engineering instead.

He introduced the first modern car to the world in 1886. The 100% handmade build of the modern car was completed in 1885 and successfully patented in 1886. Driven by sheer determination to find a way to create the automobile which provided convenient mobility, Karl Benz invented the car that changed the auto world forever.

Today, different vehicle models use several sources of fuel such as petrol, diesel, natural gas, electric, hydrogen, and solar. Karl created a two-seater high-speed single-cylinder four-stroke engine connected vertically at the rear. This was joined with a tubular steel frame and three wire-spoked wheels.

Benz Patent Motor Car Specs

With an engine speed of 400rpm, the engine production was at 0.55kW, had a 4.5-liter fuel tank, and driven at a maximum speed of 16km/h. For every 100km, the car used about 10 liters of fuel.

Built with an internal-combustion engine, this car had some awesome features. With an automatic intake slide, structured exhaust valve, high-voltage electrical vibrator ignition coupled with a spark plug and thermo-siphon evaporation cooling gas engine – a true beauty of the 19th-century!

Introducing the 1893 Benz Velo

Years prior to 1893, Benz created military transport like aircraft and warships. However, in 1893, Benz patented his design of the first double-pivot steering vehicle called the Benz Velo.

The Official Mercedes Company Logo

In 1909, the Mercedes company adopted the 3-pointed star as the emblem of the company. Each point of the star represented the transport modes which the company had created. Transport modes used on land, water, and in the air. It made sense for the official company logo to represent the mobility of cars, ships, and aircraft.

Thanks to Karl Benz’s phenomenal first car design, the auto world has only been one of absolute success!

Ford Trucks – 5 of the Best Headlights!

We love our Ford F-150 trucks so we decided to let you know about the top five headlights for your truck. What’s better is all our five selected headlights pretty much come with a guaranteed warranty too. All the headlights we’ve chosen as the best require little to no modifications. This makes it easy to install these beauties and cruise around in style – the Ford way!

#1 Spyder Auto Ford F-150 Black Halogen LED Projector Headlights

These headlights have a cutting-edge design. The high quality LED projector headlights made to enhance visibility which is the perfect solution for all adverse weather conditions on the road.

#2 Anzo USA Ford F-150 Projector with Halo LED Black Headlights

What better pair of headlights for your Ford truck than these which are ‘Department of Transportation’ compliant according to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Anzo USA has provided these attractive headlights with a one-year warranty.

These headlights are computer designed using C.A.D tech which includes making the lights weather-resistant. The CCFL tech was used to give more brightness, efficiency, reduced power usage, and an extended life.

#3 Spec-D Dual Halo LED Projector Headlights

Considered a rather economical buy for any Ford truck, these headlights are easy to fit and adjust. Available as a pair with black housing coupled with dual Halo LED projector lights. The set uses H1 low and high beam bulbs.

#4 Morimoto 2018+ Ford F-150 XB LED Headlights

The XB LED headlights are available for all 2018 Ford trucks and the newer models to come. With a five-year warranty, weather resistance, and Plug-and-Play harness wiring, what’s not to love with these lights? Using UV-resistant lens material, you are guaranteed an exemplifying wide and intense distribution of light.

#5 Osram Ford F-150 OEM LED Headlights

Compatible with all 2018 Ford trucks and newer versions to come, these headlights have a two-year warranty. It has wide fluorescent beams using OEM Ford low and high LED ballasts.

These headlights are supplied by some of the best Ford components companies. Always willing to help you keep the Ford trend going!

The Top 5 Safest Cars To Drive This Year!

Cars go through crash tests run by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Below, we’ve listed the top 5 safest cars to drive this year!

#1 Subaru Legacy 2018

Asymmetrical All-Wheel Drive for guaranteeing you more stability and efficiency. It has EyeSight Driver Assist tech for improved cruise control assistance as well as Pre-Collision Braking for optimal braking force in emergency stopping situations.

#2 Toyota Camry Hybrid 2017

Yes, this Camry is the 2017 version but out of all our safety-rated cars, this is one of the best. This Camry Hybrid has anti-lock brakes so in cases of extreme braking, the tires may stop turning. This anti-lock balances the brake pressure to allow the wheel to continue turning. There are several airbags too.

The Stability Control Sensor determines the exceeded limits of vehicle’s handling. When the limits are reached, the engine power is lowered to prevent losing control of the car. The car doesn’t work without the original manufacturer key so without it, the ignition disabling device swiftly kicks in.

#3 Mercedes-Benz E300 2018

The E300 comes with Car-to-X technology which predetermines dangerous road conditions. The cruise control adjusts according to all flows of traffic.

#4 Lincoln Continental Sedan 2017

This is also a 2017 version of the Lincoln, however, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rated this sedan as good according to its safety specs. It has frontal knee and side airbags. The front seat belts have pretensioners as well as being height adjustable. It has an entirely automatic exterior light and drive-line tractional control. An added security benefit is the SecuriLock ignition disable device.

#5 Kia Optima 2018

Given a 5-star crash safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It has all the airbags you can think of and an electronic stability control system. A traction control system for no wheel spinning, electronic brake-force distribution for better braking consistency and a brake-assist system for emergency braking. It also has a hill-assist control system.

Visit your nearest car dealer and go for a test drive today!